HORL 2 Walnut Rolling Knife Sharpener for Chefs Engineered in Germany for Straight Edge with Industry Diamonds for Steel of any hardness and Magnetic Angle Technology

Introducing the HORL 2 Walnut Rolling Knife Sharpener, an exceptional tool engineered in Germany to deliver precision and versatility in knife sharpening. Designed to meet the diverse needs of chefs and cooking enthusiasts, this sharpener combines cutting-edge technology with industry-grade diamonds for superior performance.

VERSATILE SHARPENING: The HORL 2 sharpener is equipped with interchangeable grinding discs and a Magnetic Angle Support, allowing you to customize your sharpening experience. Achieve a fine edge with a 15° angle for delicate tasks or opt for a robust blade with a 20° angle to tackle more demanding cutting tasks.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Regardless of the knife\’s hardness or steel type, the HORL 2 sharpening system delivers outstanding results. From European kitchen knives to stainless and rust-resistant steels, as well as outdoor knives, this sharpener is designed to handle them all. The industrial diamonds used in the discs are not only highly durable but also exceptionally efficient abrasives.

ROBUST 20° GRINDING ANGLE: With the HORL 2, you can effortlessly achieve a sharp and long-lasting edge on your knives. The 20° grinding angle is specifically designed for robust cutting tasks in the kitchen and beyond. Whether you\’re slicing through thick cuts of meat or tackling tough vegetables, this angle ensures optimal performance.

EXTRA FINE 15° GRINDING ANGLE: For fine cutting work that demands precision, the HORL 2 excels with its extra fine 15° grinding angle. Perfect for tasks like sushi and sashimi preparation, as well as working with Damascus knives and high carbon content steels, this angle creates a finely honed, razor-sharp edge that enhances your cutting experience.

Experience the HORL 2 Walnut Rolling Knife Sharpener, a masterpiece of German engineering that elevates your knife sharpening to new heights. With its innovative design, versatile grinding options, and use of high-quality diamonds, this sharpener ensures your knives remain impeccably sharp, enabling you to achieve culinary excellence with every cut.

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