Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens – A Dodgeball Card Game – Family-Friendly Party Games – for Adults, Teens & Kids – 2-6 Players

Get ready for a thrilling and hilarious game experience like no other with Throw Throw Burrito! Created by the innovative minds behind Exploding Kittens, renowned for their award-winning and entertaining games, this unique dodgeball card game is designed to delight adults, teens, and kids alike.

In this action-packed game, your objective is simple: collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos. Prepare to clear some space and set aside the antiques, as Throw Throw Burrito takes party games to a whole new level.

Earn points as you strategically collect cards, but be wary, because if you get hit by one of the squishy burritos, you\’ll lose valuable points. Whether you\’re planning a picnic, going camping, or looking for travel games to keep everyone entertained, Throw Throw Burrito is the perfect choice for launching burritos at your friends and family in a playful and exciting manner.

Gather 2 to 6 players and immerse yourself in this world\’s first dodgeball card game. With its easy-to-understand rules and engaging gameplay, both kids and adults can join in on the fun. So grab your burritos and get ready to play Throw Throw Burrito for an unforgettable, laughter-filled experience!

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