Tower Power Strip with 11 Outlets 3 USB Chargers, TESSAN Surge Protector Tower 1875W/15A, 6 Feet Extension Cord with Multiple Outlets, Flat Plug, Office Supplies, Desk Accessories, Dorm Essentials

Introducing the Tower Power Strip with 11 Outlets and 3 USB Chargers by TESSAN, a versatile surge protector that combines functionality, safety, and space-saving design. With its multitude of outlets, USB ports, and intelligent features, this power strip is an essential addition to your office supplies, desk accessories, or dorm essentials.

MULTIPLE OUTLETS AND USB PORTS: This power strip tower boasts an impressive 11 outlets and 3 USB ports, providing ample space for all your devices. With a wide voltage range of 100V-250V and a heavy-duty 6ft extension cord rated at 1875W, it offers reliable power distribution for various electronics. The 3 USB ports deliver a total output of 5V/3A (5V/2.4A max per port), making it a convenient charging station for multiple devices.

MULTIPLE SAFETY PROTECTION: Your valuable electronics deserve the best protection. This surge protector power strip is equipped with surge protection (1050J), overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, and more. The built-in on/off switch adds an extra layer of safety, automatically shutting off power to safeguard your expensive devices, such as computers and TVs, from electrical hazards.

SPACE-SAVING TOWER DESIGN: The TESSAN charging station features a unique vertical tower design that optimizes space utilization. Say goodbye to tangled cords and the frustration of large plugs blocking neighboring outlets. This power strip serves as a desk organization solution, helping you keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free.

STANDING TOWER WITH STABLE BASE: Designed with stability in mind, the power strip tower is equipped with a sturdy base featuring four rubber feet. These feet not only prevent slipping and sliding but also enhance stability on any surface, ensuring your devices stay securely connected.

FLAT PLUG FOR WIDE USAGE: The extension cord with multiple outlets features a 45° flat plug, making it easy to fit into hard-to-reach places behind furniture or in tight spaces. This convenient feature allows for flexible placement and enables seamless integration into various environments, including homes, offices, schools, and dorm rooms.

Upgrade your power distribution setup with the Tower Power Strip by TESSAN. Enjoy the convenience of multiple outlets and USB ports, advanced safety features, and a space-saving design. Whether it\’s for work, study, or leisure, this power strip is a reliable companion for all your power needs.

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