Zevro /GAT202 Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser, Dual Control, Silver

The Zevro/GAT202 Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser is a modern and efficient kitchen appliance that solves the problem of keeping cereal, snacks, nuts, candy, granola, and other dry foods fresh for extended periods. This silver dual-control dispenser features two plastic canisters that can hold up to 35 ounces of dry food, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply on hand.

The dispenser also incorporates a portion-control system that shells out 1 ounce of food with every twist, helping you to maintain a healthy diet and minimize waste. With a scratch-resistant and shatterproof construction, this dispenser is durable and long-lasting. It measures 7.5” L x 13” W x 16.3” H and is an ideal addition to any kitchen.

This dry food dispenser is also designed to keep food sanitary and germ-free, preserving freshness for up to 34 days to minimize waste. The dispenser is made in China and comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

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